Monday, February 19

Today’s winner is the Eucharistic Miracle of Florence!

Friday, February 16

Today’s winner is the Eucharistic Miracle of Rimini!

Thursday, February 15

Today’s winner is the Eucharistic Miracle of Trani!

Ash Wednesday, February 14

Today’s winner is the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano!


Welcome to Lent Madness 2018!

This year we’ll learn about 32 approved Eucharistic Miracles during Lent!

Last year, we were reminded how much Our Lady loves us by reading about her apparitions to her children.  This year, as we journey through Lent, we’ll be reminded how much Jesus loves us. Although after His death and resurrection, He ascended to Heaven, He wanted to remain with us and left us His Precious Body and Blood in the Eucharist.  Throughout the centuries, when we have forgotten this fact, He has dramatically reminded us of His presence among us. Hopefully, reading about these miracles of the Eucharist will strengthen our own faith so that we do not forget today.

If you’d like to join us, please do the following:

Step 1: Register your family here.

Step 2:  Print out the Lent Madness Calendar and Eucharist Miracles Bracket.

Step 3:  Beginning on Ash Wednesday, look at your calendar each day to see which two miracles are competing that day.

Step 4:  Learn about each of the two miracles using the free online children’s book about Eucharistic Miracles available here.   This book contains short  (1-2 page) descriptions of each of the miracles complete with pictures and photos.  The first 10 or so pages of the book contain a nice visual introduction to the Eucharist, especially for First Communicants.

Step 5: Vote first within your own family for your favorite miracle.

Step 6: Then please cast one vote per family in the online poll on this website.  If you are registered, you’ll receive an email each day reminding you to vote.  Voting ends at midnight each day.  If you miss a day, no problem!  Just jump in the next day!  All votes are completely anonymous, so no one will know if you miss.  🙂

Step 7: The next morning, see who won and fill in your bracket!  If there is a tie, we will toss a coin in our family to decide the winner.

Step 8: Continue this process, Monday through Friday, during Lent until we have a winner of the Heavenly Crown!